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You could have a store bought king cake.
Or you could have a Crystal Weddings King Cake.

Don’t worry, we made it easy for you to get your hands on one.


Apple Cinnamon
Bavarian Cream  
Caramel Pecan

Cinnamon, Sugar & Pecan
Chocolate Caramel Pecan

Cream Cheese
Cinnamon & Sugar

Peanut Butter
Praline & Cream Cheese


Add cream cheese to any king cake flavor!


All flavors available through our online store, select flavors available in stores. The King Cakes available through our Online Store serve 20-25 people.


Do your King Cakes come with a baby inside?

Every Crystal Wedding’s King Cake comes with a plastic baby. The baby is placed inside the cake after baking.


How do I change the shipping address once the order has been placed?

To change the shipping address once an online order has been placed, please call us at 337-989-1700.  Please keep in mind that during our peak season call volume is very high. We appreciate your patience.


We don't plan on eating our King Cake right away.  How should we store it?

King Cakes, both traditional and filled can be frozen for later enjoyment. Place your cake in the freezer in the bag it came in. Thaw at room temperature when you are ready to eat and enjoy. 


When should I place my order for shipping?

We ship overnight, so you need to place your order at least 24 hours ahead of time.

How are your king cakes prepared?

All of our king cakes are filled with your filling choice, braided, then placed in the oven for baking. Once out of the oven, we top with our specialty glaze and drizzle with Mardi Gras colors.

What days do you ship King Cakes?

We ship Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for overnight shipping. You can choose Friday or Saturday delivery for an extra fee.

I want to order multiple King Cakes to go to one location. Do I have to enter each individually?

Yes, each has to be entered individually. If you would like to ship them together you can give us a call and we can try to accommodate you.

How long does a King Cake stay fresh?

Your King Cake will stay fresh 2-3 days after delivery.

What kind of food allergens should I be aware of?

All of our King Cakes may contain or have been in contact with milk, nuts, eggs, wheat, soy, & peanuts.